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Mozambique has become a completely independent country since 1975 after a long history of colonial rule by Portugal from the 15th century AD, and civil war that has impoverished the country since the departure of the Portuguese.  The ideological difference between Communism and free market economic activity has characterized the civil war which has really eliminated economic development on all fronts - including food production and medical care for the domestic population of 20 million, and the tourists that visit this subtropical paradise.

Marxist Theory Abandoned

As in many parts of the world, Communist philosophy has given way to Free Market economy and in 1989 a new constitution became effective and heralded the beginning of a period of powerful growth in the country. Successive leaders like Joachim Chissano and Armando Guebuza have followed stimulating economic policies which have given the territory exciting growth and the beginnings of prosperity.

The Health System in Mozambique has likewise made very notable progress in recent decades, but not anywhere close to what is required to give medical peace of mind to a growing population, an international expat workforce and a growing tourist populace. Anyone requiring major medical treatment will typically be flown to South Africa - a very expensive solution.


Health Service infrastructure in Mozambique is overseen by government Ministry, well-known as MISAU, who facilitates distribution of government expenditure and international aid mainly in the direction of Central Hospitals, many Health Centres and smaller rural hospitals. MISAU funding totals $9.50 per person per year.

As admirable as this fledgling medical infrastructure is, falling so far short of international norms is serious. Mozambique is a high-risk malaria area and one of the worst HIV danger spots in the world. All major infectious diseases prevail in this region.  The Health System is basically poor and it will be many years before the recent progress translates to an acceptable level of modernization. The best solution to the issue of shortfall is superior Health Insurance cover. We urge you to consult our professionals and leave nothing to chance. What you need is to be able to consult a doctor, clinic or hospital of your choice ANYWHERE in the world.


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