The Employee Benefits People

The Employee Benefits People

We're All About Making it Easy

Two words: Thankful and impressed.

Two words: Thankful and impressed.

Mr. Ismael Faquir
Country Manager Partner, Ernst & Young

Benefit Benchmarking

Benefit Benchmarking

HR Managers Compare Benefits Per Industry



We are all about making it as easy as possible for you to source all of the employee insurance and services that you need.
To make you as attractive an employer as possible. In summary, we are experts in employee benefits, related services and reinsurance.

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Would you like to be known as the best company to work for?
Tempus can conduct a detailed audit of your employee benefits to see how you stack up against other multinationals who are also investing in the region.

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what our clients say


CDN has worked with Tempus as the company’s broker for employee health insurance plans since 2014. Tempus has added value by bringing more competitive solutions to the market and its professional employees are always willing to help. With the help of Tempus during the last two years we have achieved the following results: • Reduced the cost of employee health insurance • Kept a good quality of medical service • Saved the lives of our employees and families when medical evacuations from remote areas were necessary

M. Amado Mabasso
PDG, CDN Mozambique

Loyalty, trust, honesty and respect are some of the words we use to talk about Tempus. After many years working together, Tempus defends our interests like they are part of our own team.

M. Juan-Alberto Muñoz Labra
Coordinateur permanent, Mission permanente du Mexique auprès de l’OMC

Having worked with Tempus I am very satisfied with the professionalism and assistance provided by the team at Tempus, and the way they help us to find solutions to day-to-day problems.

Mrs. Iraci

When I was recommended to Tempus, the first impression was perfect: they asked what I was looking for instead of telling me what they sold. Their level of involvement, detailed analysis and market knowledge were incredible, without all the jargon and technical language. After much negotiation and detailed meetings, I was pleased to be recommended a service that matched us perfectly. I could not be more pleased with our Tempus Brokerage Medical Assistance. Daily attention is amazing: the account manager is always available and they seem to treat every doubt of ours as it was the moss important thing in the world.

Mr. Imran Ismael
HR Manager, SABMiller

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