Speedy Medical Assistance Air Ambulance

Medical evacuation is the best solution for critically ill patients travelling in remote locations.

The thought of getting sick or having an accident is bone-chilling when working abroad or even during a vacation trip. And what to do in a situation like this in remote locations, such as a mine in Africa, a ship in open seas or simply a country with poor healthcare options?

In such situations, the best transportation option for the patient is an air ambulance. Normally this service is necessary when the person is too ill to travel long distances by ground to the nearest medical center, or if the distance to the closest and most appropriate hospital is over 100 miles. The air ambulance service is also recommended when the patient is too sick or weak to endure a commercial flight.

There are two types of air ambulances used for medical transport: helicopters and fixed wing airplanes. They are specifically equipped for emergencies and carry respirators, medication, an ECG and monitoring unit and CPR equipment. Generally, the patient is assisted by paramedics, accompanied by a physician or a flight nurse who have been trained for this sort of operation.

Air ambulances are not only the best option for critical work or traffic accidents. For example, in Africa most emergency situations are related to malaria and Aids-associated diseases, such as pneumonia.

As you might expect, the cost of medical air transport is fairly expensive. Normally, the cost is determined by the condition of the patient, the type of aircraft utilized and the distance travelled, and it may add up to tens of thousands of dollars per event.

Emergency evacuations may cause anxiety for the patient and his family, and ideally the passenger should acquire some sort of health insurance before the trip – especially one that provides an air ambulance among its benefits. 

Tempus will help the Client choose the most appropriate health plan for this situation and explain all steps of medical transport services simply and clearly. The member will have all the facts to make an informed and stress-free decision.

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