Benefit Benchmarking & Accreditation

Benefit Benchmarking

In order to attract and retain high caliber employees, it is essential to offer them a competitive benefits package. Employee benefits and salary benchmarking will ensure that you are aware of how your employee benefits compare to other companies in the same industry and region of operation. This knowledge will enable you to effectively position yourself against market leaders and establish yourself as a preferred employer.

Tempus will help you do this by benchmarking the benefits you are currently offering and provide you with advice and cost effective plans that will be of high value to your current and prospective employees. The depth and breadth of our knowledge and data allows us to provide you with insights and meaningful information across similar industries in various regions.

In today’s competitive markets a benchmarking report has become a valuable tool in assessing whether your benefits and business practices are in line with other companies in the region. This ensures that you are right up there when it comes to attracting the best executives, managers and employees to your business.


The Benefits of Benchmarking:

Our benchmarking services will allow your Human Resource Department to:

  • Utilise benchmarking data to quickly and easily compare the current level of employee benefits and salary packages with the best practices of other similar companies in the same country
  • Develop effective plans for benefit improvements if necessary
  • Adopt specific best practices or adapt current practices in order to increase certain aspects of performance
  • Retain valued employees
  • Attract new talent in the market to your organisation

Benchmarking as an Ongoing Practice:

Although benchmarking can be employed as a once-off practice in order to gauge the level of a company’s benefits in comparison to others in the same field, it is more beneficial when applied as a continuous process in order to constantly seek out, improve and implement best practices.



Accreditation can offer companies and their employees security in regards to professionalism and ethical standards employed.

An accreditation scheme provides companies with an industry requirements guide that helps them plan, manage, improve, document and develop their own business practices. An accreditation award highlights operators that have achieved the required industry standards for expertise, experience and benefits. This helps potential employees and clients to identify those operators in the region who have adhered to ethical and professional business practices, making it easier for them to make informed decisions regarding their careers.

The Tempus Accreditation Scheme:

Tempus offers an accreditations scheme whereby corporate clients can apply for an award based on the level of employee benefits that they offer. A benefits package survey is conducted involving specific companies in a specific region. If you apply and your company is among the top companies selected as offering the most competitive benefits packages in a specific region, you can apply for a “Elite Employer” award from Tempus. This award includes the presentation of a logo that can be utilised in various ways, for example in advertising and promotional material, to help attract the best talent to your organisation.


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