HR Support

Unleash your team’s potential for higher productivity. The Support that Tempus provides HR teams is becoming well known. HR management training workshops from Tempus are designed to equip leadership teams with the skills and tools they need to direct, motivate and develop the talents of your employees.  Employees who are well trained and constantly motivated will deliver on the company’s business promises.  They are the face of the company and the intermediaries who help get the company’s message across.

Tempus educates HR Managers in the latest trends in human resource management, and how to effectively manage topics such as:

  • Absence management
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee laws
  • Employee relations and diverse personalities
  • Local staff and union representatives

In order to maximise what your employees contribute to your organisation, it is important to equip them with the resources and training necessary to meet and exceed their job requirements. Greater employee engagement means higher productivity.

Benefits administration can cause a significant drain on your HR staff. Tempus HR Support service will help streamline their efforts and relieve the administrative burden. This will free your HR staff to focus more on company strategy by managing employee relations, motivation and skills development, among others.


Community Involvement

Our clients like to give back to the community where they operate their business. Tempus offers advice and ideas for corporate support activities and innovative projects that impact local communities positively such as:

  • Investing in schools and other educational establishments
  • Developing infrastructure for essential facilities such as water
  • Supporting charitable fundraising
  • Sponsoring local sports teams and events
  • Assisting in construction of housing for the underprivileged

Community involvement will ensure that the local population will benefit and prosper from your presence in their country.


Local Union Representation

Where local personnel are employed, Tempus offers a valuable liaison service between companies and local unions. We will act on your behalf when dealing with union representatives and the intricacies involving the rules covering employees hired from local communities.



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