The Benefits and Human Capital Management National Survey

The Benefits and Human Capital Management National Survey aims at offering a clearer vision to the Mozambican market of how organizations operating in the country manage the congruity between an individual’s competencies, knowledge, and the skills to perform their job.

The definition of “human capital” goes well beyond the employees at a company. The term also encompasses a group of habits, knowledge, experiences, social and innate skills (such as creativity) which are embedded in the person’s ability to perform their work and create economic value for an organization.

This survey addresses how the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for the companies in Mozambique is aligned to the organizations’ workforce planning strategies.

The survey discusses four main theme:

Compensation and Benefits.

  • Guaranteed pay and variable pay – Salary competitiveness, health insurance, pension fund, investment plan (acquisition of company shares), life insurance, disability insurance, burial insurance, etc.
  • Benefits – Paid time off, company car, fuel, food, discounts for sports clubs or gyms, reimbursement for transport-related expenses, discounts for the purchase of telecommunications equipment, education programs for children of school age, daycare, etc.

Carreer. Career plan, development plans, learning opportunities, job stability, space for growth, and mentoring and coaching programs.

Work environment. Ways to recognize and appreciate the employees’ work, ways to approach and solve issues, internal communication system, level of autonomy for decision-making, etc.

Culture. The way the organization communicates its objectives to the employees, how they support the employees’ development, employees’ evaluation, feedback practices, team spirit, social responsibility programs, etc.

Survey audience: public sector, private sector, and NGOs. The survey will be submitted to HR directors and coordinators who have decision-making powers regarding employee benefits.

Important dates:

  • May – Survey launch
  • June – Survey is sent to participants
  • July – The participants submit their answers
  • August – Delivery of a final report to all participants 

How can I take part? Simply fill in the form with your name, company’s name, and email address. 


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