Corporate Assistance

Why Do You Need Corporate Assistance?

Increasing numbers of staff on overseas assignments and business travellers departing for emerging countries face complex conditions, often in remote environments. In these locations, health and safety risks can be high, and the level of support available locally may not always meet appropriate standards.

Organisations strive to keep their workforce safe and healthy at all times. In fact this duty of care to staff can be enforced by various pieces of employment legislation and industry regulations. This obligation, coupled with the increasingly unpredictable global environment, means that the support of a trusted corporate assistance partner with a truly global reach is more important than ever.

Corporate Assistance Services include:

  • General health and medical provider information
  • Medical evacuation / repatriation and related services
  • Case management of out-patient and in-patient treatment
  • Shipment of prescribed drugs
  • Medical site surveys and country briefings
  • Medical second opinion
  • Occupational health and wellness
  • Health checks
  • Medical training
  • Tele-medicine
  • Establishment and staffing of remote site clinics
  • Security services

This offering has been designed to be very modular, flexible and convenient. The standard medical assistance package, which includes services like health information, medical evacuation or medical case management ensures that the traveler or expatriate is taken care of during all phases of their trips or assignments. Services such as the establishment of remote site clinics and tele-medicine facilities, which by their nature need to be tailored to each client, can be purchased on an individual basis, regardless of whether or not the client has selected the standard medical assistance package.



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