Corporate Social Responsibility

Tempus is committed to using its role on the corporate stage to make a firm and principled social commitment towards those who are most vulnerable. Our values motivate and guide us to act upon inequalities and injustices across the globe and to leave a lasting legacy of positive social change. Part of that commitment is a determination to engage with charity organisations.


This is why we support Don Orione, a nationwide, non-profit religious institution dedicated to the principles of its founder Saint Luigi Orione. The central role of Don Orione is to shelter and care for children with special needs (physical and mental disabilities) who have been abandoned or live in extreme poverty. To provide them with a positive, dignified and safe environment. Don Orione’s work currently cares for dozens of interned children and assists dozens more at home. They also provide food and psycho-social support to families to discourage the abandonment of children.


Together we aim to have this work stand as a reference regarding the acceptance and care of children with special needs. Don Orione’s head offices are located in Mozambique which is where they continue to carry out their work with both compassion and concern. Regionally, Don Orione acts as a symbol of charity and makes a palpable difference to people’s lives. Their work doesn’t just support the children they work with but also their families and broader community.


Don Orione’s work relies on charitable contributions which is why we are proud to stand as their partner.  This past year we have provided Don Orione with food, clothes, diapers, mosquito nets and other supplies crucial to their mission. Through our partnership we aim to continue and build upon this work.

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