What is Reinsurance?

Reinsurance allows an insurer to balance its exposure to risk by transferring some of the risk it holds to other insurers in order to reduce the probability of large claim pay-outs. The most reputable Insurance Companies typically use reinsurance among themselves by sharing certain risks to reduce costs and even out extremes in terms of size and type of risk.

Tempus amplifies the insurance cover enjoyed by our Clients with the skilful use of Reinsurance. A combination of comprehensive cover and outstanding value brings peace of mind and confidence in business.

We are constantly in contact with our insurance partners, who are among the most reputable international insurance providers, to produce tailor made products for our clients.

How Can Reinsurance Benefit You?

  • Tempus improves your insurance program by creating ideal solutions with reinsurance partners for each type of risk
  • Our proven knowledge and experience contributes to helping you to personalise the product specifications and terms and conditions of your cover through dedicated reinsurance
  • We identify and minimise possible exposure to large or multiple losses and build the most suitable actuarial model with the right reinsurer for your particular circumstances
  • Reinsurance can provide cover above normal ceilings and offer an insurer greater security in equity and solvency, as well as stable results when major or unusual events occur

Tempus applies detailed analysis of complex risk to maximise the benefit of Reinsurance. Many factors mitigate the cost of cover while increasing the security.

Costs are Contained By:

  • Making use of economies of scale by reducing net liability on risks and on catastrophic protection from large losses
  • Increasing efficiency by carefully defining reinsurance requirements and taking strict control of capital needs and solvency margins
  • Using our underwriting expertise to reduce risk in both the size and number of risks
  • Reducing premium cost by narrowing contingencies and lowering actuarial reserves
  • Hedging of risk that translates into holding fewer assets that cover the risk


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