Health Insurance for Individuals

Are you planning to move abroad? Or do you spend a significant amount of time split between two or more countries? Or are you just looking for International Insurance to be able to access the best medical care outside of your home country? If so, Tempus can find the best international health insurance plan for you and your family, if you have dependants. Plus we can advise you on the level, type and region of cover that makes most sense for your circumstances.

If you’re young and single, you may only want cover for unexpected accidents or illnesses, essentially cover for potentially expensive hospital treatment. If you have a partner and children, you’ll probably want to supplement that with out-patient cover for visits to the doctor or dentist, and possibly add maternity cover. The beauty of international healthcare plans today is that they are often modular. You can select cover for hospital treatment and then see what else, if anything, you want to add to that.

Travel insurance is generally only designed to cover medical emergencies abroad for the period of the holiday, rather than being suitable for people who are abroad longer term. With international health insurance, you can opt for medical treatment anywhere within your region of cover. Plus the insurer will generally be able to provide you with support in your own language. Whether that’s giving you details of the nearest suitable hospital, reimbursing you for a trip to the doctor or dealing directly with a hospital on your behalf before an upcoming operation.



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