Specialty Insurance

Kidnap for ransom, operations in inhospitable and remote locations, terrorism, war and violence for political reasons are unfortunately very real threats in some parts of the world.This poses a significant challenge for companies trying to conduct business in these regions. They want to reduce risks, plan for and manage crises and provide as much protection as possible for their staff. Tempus can broker a wide range of cover for specialist risks for companies.

Cover can be provided for:

  • Terrorism, sabotage and physical damage
  • Riot, mutiny and civil commotion
  • War, civil war, revolution, coup d’etat and mutiny
  • Kidnaping and ransom
  • Arrest
  • Threats
  • Hijack
  • Extortion including protection of assets from illegal demands
  • Establishment and staffing of medical facilities in remote regions
  • Telemedicine
  • Medical evacuation


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