Health Insurance

Tempus helps companies to select and source a range of employee benefits, whether expatriates or locals, and increase their competitiveness when it comes to attracting and keeping the best staff. 

Health insurance is a key employee benefit, most commonly providing cover for routine visits to a doctor and dentist as well as for planned or emergency treatment in a hospital. 


  • Organisation of the tender and selection process if you wish to seek an alternative healthcare insurer
  • Facilitating the match of existing healthcare cover if you decide to change insurer
  • Suggestions on how you can have cover tailored to suit the needs of your organisation
  • Review and advice during contract negotiations
  • Helping you to navigate increasingly complex legislation to source locally compliant health insurance
  • Full support and monitoring during the transition to a new insurer
  • Advice on how to contain the cost of healthcare cover while still providing staff and their families with a comprehensive level of cover

Policy Management

  • Analysis of claims reporting
  • Identification and monitoring of high cost claims
  • Follow-up of special or sensitive cases
  • Checking invoice details
  • Monitoring the fulfilment of service level agreements


  • Careful analysis of payments made by the insurer / Third Party Administrator
  • Examination of discounts applied during the claims adjudication process
  • Inspection of errors in claims adjudication
  • Efficacy of reducing medical provider rates and negotiating discounts
  • Additional areas of review can be included as required e.g. medical claim fraud


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