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An essential component of a successful business is high caliber, committed leaders. Executive search is a specialised field of recruitment focused on sourcing senior executives for highly specialised positions. Over the years Tempus has been entrusted by our clients to recruit chief executives, senior business leaders, functional heads and board members across an extensive range of sectors, a responsibility we always take very seriously. We fully understand that the successful executive search and selection of a candidate will play a crucial role in the ultimate development and success of our client’s organisation.

An executive search is far more than just a process of recruitment, but rather more of a protocol.  Very few companies would consider recruiting a senior executive without the assistance of an agency experienced in conducting an executive search. The process is usually initiated when there is a need for a candidate with a precisely defined background and particular expertise.  Such a person is sometimes employed by a competitor, or in a similar, but not competitive, organization. Where particularly high expertise is sought, positions for senior executive employees are not generally advertised, but rather a personalised and direct approach is employed with a high degree of discretion.

A typical executive search would involve defining the role of the person to be recruited, pulling together a list of possible organisations where such a person may be found, seeking information through research, and tracking potential high performance individuals who fit the defined framework. This list could contain information on hundreds of potential candidates developed over years of relationship building with a network of contacts.

The Search Process

As each executive search assignment is unique, we will tailor our approach to your needs. A typical search may include:

  • An introductory meeting to assess the needs and requirements of the company and how a new executive will contribute to the success of the business. Skills, experience and compensation are determined and subsequently documented in a proposal. A comprehensive assignment brief will be prepared containing the role and all requirements of an ideal candidate as well as proposed benefits
  • Structuring an effective search strategy by combining information from the client with our own industry knowledge in order to establish where the best candidate is likely to be found; and how to present the opportunity in a way that it will attract credible interest right from the start
  • Identification and evaluation of the best candidate using a thorough, research based approach. This is achieved by leveraging our industry contacts and identifying target organisations that represent the required best practices within a specified function or sector
  • Chosen individuals are then approached in order to establish their aspirations. If there appears to be a potential fit, we initiate an introductory conversation regarding the proposed opportunity

This process ultimately results in a concise shortlist containing the strongest candidates.

Each individual on the short list is personally interviewed in order to review their professional experience, competency and background, while building interest in the opportunity.

From these interviewed candidates the most talented and qualified ones are chosen and interview assessment briefs are created that detail our evaluation of each candidate. This brief provides the client with a meaningful overview of the candidate’s professional and personal history, and ultimately an early indication of a match for both the company and the candidate.

Reference Checking:

References and credentials are thoroughly checked and researched. All investigations throughout an executive search are undertaken under a rigorous framework of confidentiality.

The Interview:

The interview process involves collaborating with the interview team and the candidate, with full details of the job specifications. After the interview the client and the candidate are debriefed and communications are brokered among all parties.

Deciding on the Best Candidate:

The next step is to choose the best candidate. By this time full disclosure from both sides is encouraged in order to ensure that all potential interests and concerns are expressed and that all strengths and weaknesses are clearly understood.

Negotiating the Best Offer:

This is a critical stage that can cause the process to succeed or fail. It is our responsibility to consult with both parties on what the position offers in today’s market and to develop an offer to close the deal. An offer will include base compensation, bonuses, relocation, medical insurance, and other benefits that are acceptable to both the candidate and the organization.

On-board Initiation:

At the closing of negotiations the candidate is presented with the final offer from the organization and upon acceptance of the terms, the candidate can proceed with disengagement from the current employer.

Finally, all parties can be congratulated on selecting the best candidate for the job and look forward to the commencement of a new leader who will soon be contributing to the success of the business.



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