Security Services to HR Managers & Employees

Tempus Global Group continues to expand the range of services it offers. Security is a subject that is close to people's hearts when working far away from home. Tempus now makes a wider choice of security services available to their clients through their corporate assistance partners. 

Security education has been introduced to raise awareness and provide management and staff with valuable access to the very latest security skills. Qualified experts are made available to provide security training to groups or individuals in travel disciplines, cautionary procedures, and safety guidelines. These security measures from Tempus are considered vital in order to increase peace of mind and confidence among staff and visitors alike.

Support for HR management and employees has been augmented with some excellent e-learning modules on state of the art security principals. Tempus has also extended Security Consultancy on a number of fronts by applying thorough on-site assessments across the full spectrum of security arrangements. In this process, strengths and weaknesses are identified, practical remedies prioritised, and submitted to the client to mitigate risks and defend against any flaws in security.

Real time risk rating and security alerts, based on the broad security experience and intimate knowledge of risk by their corporate assistance partners, allows Tempus to provide their clients with highly sought after safety reports when travelling. These reports provide detailed risk profiles of countries or assessments of risks to individual destinations. When specific events are identified that threaten security, alerts are issued prior to travel or in real time. Cutting-edge technology is made available through the internet to provide Tempus clients with ready-access to group or individual staff travel information at any stage.

Tempus’s expanded corporate assistance services ensures that the security needs of its clients and their employees are covered. “With Tempus’s new range of corporate support services, HR managers can confidently deal with emergency situations if and when they arise. They can keep abreast of the risk level of particular countries, organise drivers or security personnel to escort staff in certain regions, and know when employees have arrived safely at their destination. There is also a range of security training available for both HR Managers and employees. The world is changing. In some cases it’s becoming more unpredictable and dangerous. Companies today need support in a much wider range of scenarios and our industry has responded to that"  said Santiago Herranz, Director and Senior Partner of Tempus.

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