Health Insurance Improves Satisfaction & Reduces Absenteeism

Beyond the benefits – Health insurance improves satisfaction, reduces absenteeism and helps retain quality employees.

From a personal point of view, every employee would like to be able to rely on the health benefits offered by their company. After all, who wouldn’t prefer quality healthcare when they need it most? On the other hand, offering health insurance also contributes to the health of the company. According to recent surveys in the United States, 75% of employees who have good healthcare benefits also report high job satisfaction, and consider themselves loyal to their employers.

When investing in quality healthcare benefits for their employees, companies can reap great rewards in the long run. In today’s fiercely competitive market, companies that offer an attractive healthcare benefit package increase their chances of getting the best new hires, since private healthcare costs are skyrocketing all over the world. Quality healthcare is also a way of reducing operating costs because employees are generally more apt to take a position at a lower salary when health insurance benefits are provided.

Of course, hiring a great employee is only half of the battle. A quality healthcare benefit package will also help the company retain them on their team – otherwise, the much sought after professional will look for these benefits in other companies. With good health insurance, employees also feel more motivated at work and consequently have fewer absences – or take fewer days off to recover from a health problem. It is plain and simple: a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, and the environment at work is also improved.

With so many corporate health insurance options in the market, how to choose the best option for your workforce? Tempus is specialized in employee benefits and supporting services and will present your company with the best solutions for your employees, whether expatriates or locals. Tempus is able to draw on country-specific knowledge to meet the needs of your company and its employees in the most efficient way possible.


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